Dale S. Richards, MBA, ChE, CVA

Customized Business Consultancy for You

1.Bussines valuation

Valuation Methods: 5-8 Valuation Methods determining asset method, market method, transactional (average high low past 10 years) and Income Method. The income Method includes: Historical, History statistically projected, and up to three management projection valuation analysis and conclusions.

Dale has completed valuation valuation analysis work for over 20 years. He brings high quality and expertise when performing business valuations. Dale’s costs are typically 20% – 50% lower than regional and national competitors yet the report quality exceeds the competitors with details of HOW the calculations are made. Contact Dale for quote today.

Why would you need a business valuation?

You see that business valuation is needed for many business related items. Dale Richards is one of the best and most qualified business valuation experts.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and we will get you all the information that you need. Business Valuation can be a huge task and we know that. Dale will make Business Valuation easier on you, your employees, and your business.

2.Business Operations Improvement (Download Sample Scorecard)

Operation areas are pinpointed with a 53 element questionnaire and analysis that will guide you to improved performance, success and profits. Nine areas are covered in the analysis:

  • Strategy and Goals
  • Employee Recruitment, Productivity,
  • Employee Compensation and Incentives
  • Systems to Reduce Risk & Increase Effectiveness
  • Customer Service
  • Competition Analysis
  • Product Pricing Optimization for Increased Profits
  • Marketing vs. Selling Concepts
  • Financial Operational Performance

  • Financial Performance (Download Sample Index) is detailed in four areas

  • Growth and productivity
  • Cash flow
  • Profitability
  • Asset Management

  • 3.Turnaround Management The process for business optimization is in five steps:

  • Employee Interviews
  • Financial Quantitative Analysis (5 year financial data)
  • Operational Analysis
  • Summary Reports that itemize and prioritize specific performance improvement action steps
  • Personalized Implementation Plan

  • These three optimization processes have been successfully used in over 150 companies to create financial and operation improvements and increased profits while providing the owners and officers with increased free time for a balanced life.


    - The Toolbox Exercise -

    Why do we need a conference/workshop dedicated to Romanian entrepreneurs and managers?

    Because it’s a real challenge to be ROMANIAN ENTREPRENEUR, in the present economical context. Because INFORMATION is the only weapon against financial problems. Because we need new and intelligent solutions, adaptable to a local and global economical environment.

    What is the biggest challenge of the Romanian entrepreneurs Today?

  • The lack of solutions to grow the value of their company and to develop a new strategy according to the global standards.
  • Lack of specialized human resources.
  • Lack of a strong brand able to offer exposure and a guarantee for quality.
  • Limited access to the financing solutions and consulting opportunities that the big companies have, both locally and as group.
  • Lack of a balanced management for cashflow and strategic partners.

  • Who is DALE S. RICHARDS?

    The trainings“Performance improvement methods” are very well known in the USA and around the world, bringing him notoriety for growing the companies’ profit. Having an experience of over 25 years in management and provided business consulting to 150 companies and raising over 3 billion dollars in capital, growing the values of the companies from 3 to 10 times.

    Dale S. Richards offers business growing solutions, intelligent financing solutions and solutions for profitable sale of the company. Up to the Present he started and developed
    35 start-ups in HighTech field.

    Dale S. Richards brings a new approach: after evaluating your company’s resources, he will provide solutions to increase the strengths while building a more viable and profitable growth.

    Dale has certified expertise (new tools) which allow him to deal with any type of business, studying the entire ”organism” Dale S. Richards can approach cause/causes not only the unwanted effects on the company/business.

    Dale can create a link between the structures that works in the USA with those which work in Romania

    Dale is a strong partner who will provides you the tools that you can start with, having the confidence of a big company.

    The consulting programs offered by him have as a purpose the growth of the business and intelligent financing solutions that already gave results to over 150 companies.

    In Romania, the entrepreneurs managed to build a business where they invested financial resources, time, and put their heart to it. It is not easy to be entrepreneur in Todays economic World, and is difficult not to get emotionally involved, when you have to deal with a day by day struggle with an ongoing transition and when you are not sure you can safely go on. Romanian entrepreneurs are determined and passionate, however they need expertise to consolidate their business and the vision of a profesional like Dale for the direction you want take your company to.